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Aching Leg Muscles

Sore and aching leg muscles can be either signs of over exercising or signs of a serious medical condition. When legs cramp, the cramping can be very painful, but often does not indicate a serious problem. Simple metabolic imbalances such as depletion of potassium, sodium, calcium or magnesium can be the cause. Depletion might occur as a result of dehydration, or it might occur when there is insufficient nutritional intake in the diet. The latter is rather unlikely, except when there is a concomitant disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, or a medical disorder that causes an inability to eat or absorb.

Medications taken for other conditions may cause depletion of essential elements that are involved in cell metabolism related to muscles or nerves. These medications can affect the flow of ions across the cell membrane, the flow of which sets a voltage potential across that membrane. Voltage potentials across the membranes of nerve cells are particularly important because modulation of voltage potential is how nerve cells communicate between the synopses of one cell and the synopses of another cell. Muscles will contract when triggered by electrical impulses from malfunctioning nerve cells. Continuous firing of nerves may cause cramping of the muscles, which most people know may be a source of acute and unrelenting pain.

Over-exertion may cause strained muscles that ache for days, so carefully working muscles is necessary to maintain strength and increase muscle mass. When muscles are properly worked, slight injury results in repair and re-growth that enlarges the muscle mass. Genetics plays a key role in how easily muscles can be built up. Most athletes are aware that competitors of African descent are able to bulk up very easily compared to those of eastern European descent. Nevertheless, people of all races are prone to disease and injury that can cause aching muscles.

One illness that is related to metabolism is diabetes, and diabetes ketoacidosis can result in a shift in blood pH. Metabolic are chemical processes, and these processes in the body are highly dependent on pH of the medium (blood) in which they occur. Cell starvation of nutrients can occur, and oxygen/carbon dioxide transport can be affected, resulting in death of the cell. When occurring on a large enough scale, the entire organism can die: in the case, a person. This is a sad ending to what might have been a reversible or even preventable condition.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another medical condition that can cause a person to feel achy, sore, and hurt all over. In this case, the immune system produces antibodies that improperly recognize cells of the body as foreign and attack causing cell death, causing the build up of scar tissue, and causing the slow decay and destruction of joint cartilage. Although not directly a muscle affecting disease, the muscles can seem to hurt just as much as if they are being attacked directly.
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